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To be precise......we are all about quality.....

Precision matters, especially when dealing with the designing and manufacturing of stainless steel products in the health care industry. The ever increasing demand of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for excellence in precision, quality and compaliance has given greater challenges for the manufacturers of equipments. What exactly makes us deliver the products that meet your exacting needs? Our technical competence, process knowledge, instrumentation knowledge, biopharma process engineering knowledge, automation knowledge and our passion towards cutting edge technologies from our long lasting belief in unparallel quality in every aspect and in every component has made us as one of the most trusted equipment supplier of choice by many reputed pharma and biotech companies in the market. We are one of the few select companies who truly and strictly adhere to the ASMEBPE guidelines.

We at Omega Scientific follow your need very closely which is why in addition to meeting your needs, we can anticipate your needs. We deliver not just high quality products by provide complete solutions and tailor made products, specialized innovative products to suit your exact specifications.

Company creates products, we produce service and quality. Organization receives order and profit, we receive trust and satisfaction. We are proud to be recognized as one of the most reliable equipment manufacturers, many of our customers are benefitted with our innovative products which have simplified their needs. Our innovative design and products development has helped some of our customers to save substantial amount and investments.

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Mr. Lenin Babu .N
Managing Director